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1 Jul 15, 2006 16:06    

I've been giving some thought to the forward direction of the manual (the wiki at and here are some things on my mind that could probably use more discussion:

1. .9.2 is the only .9 version we should document. I think this is fair and necessary.

2. .9.2 and 1.x documentation should be separate to avoid clutter and confusion. Putting a "This page refers to .9.2" header doesn't seem enough for my taste. There are far too many major differences between versions that it's really confusing to have their documentation coexist.

3. What I'd like to see: Two separate Tables of Content. The main TofC would refer to 1.x, the latest stable version. At the very top, in very clear and visible print would be a link to the .9.2 documentation.

4. The .9.2 docs would mostly be a copy and paste of the docs we have right now, but cleaned up, edited and finalized as best as possible. Maintenance of these docs, after cleanup, should be very minimal (as .9.2 is basically finished).

I think this would greatly help the focus of the manual and would be another encouragement to users to upgrade to 1.x stable.

Any thoughts, concerns, objections? And is there anyone passionate enough about .9.2 who might want to help in the cleanup process?


2 Jul 15, 2006 17:25

This makes perfect sense. Anyone running something older than 0.9.2 has no reason to upgrade to that particular version, so everything that isn't focused on 1.* should be focused on 0.9.2. This means anything that was intended for .9.0.*, or .8.* should go away.

People do have good cause to stay with 0.9.2 though. Alpha and Beta aren't terms that fill the caual blogger's heart with joy eh? Plus making the leap means a lot of work on a skin, and the complete loss of any custom hacks. The casual blogger, very justifiably, could say "I'll wait until you don't have those weird extra words on your release then maybe think about upgrading".

I wrote:

has no reason to upgrade to that particular

Uh... "has no reason to NOT upgrade to that particular" version is what I meant. Everyone using anything in the 0.* generation should be on 0.9.2!

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