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1 Feb 28, 2020 22:11    

I'm experiencing XHTML Validation errors resulting from using the Style= attribute. Posts are composed using the WYSIWYG editor contained within B2E but cause validation errors whenever Style= occurs in the markup text.

In WSIWYG mode:

Unexpected XHTML Validation Errors

In markup mode:

Unexpected XHTML Validation Errors

To Reproduce the Problem: Create a new post using editor in WYSIWYG mode. Select "Center Align" from the editor toolbox. Type in text. Attempt to save or preview the post.

Workaround: Disable prevent CSS Tweaks in group Settings.

I'm not sure when this started since most of my posts do not use formatting that invokes the errors. I ran into this yesterday when updating a post from late September, 2019, which does use center text in some places.

There is also an "Invalid Content" error, but that might just be a redundant message.

Is this an issue with my installation or a bug?

4 Feb 29, 2020 22:33

On all new installs, that group has "prevent CSS tweaks" disabled. You should do that in group permissions:

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