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1 Dec 31, 2018 10:45    


after upgrading from 6.10.3 to 6.10.5 I noticed, that the wysiwyg editor has been touched. Thats - not only at the first glance - is not really an improvement towards handling an convenience and other (in a separate Thread mentioned) problems.
Frankly spoken: How can I get the previous version of wysiwyg back? Is it possible to replace the wysiwyg editor in 6.10.5 with the version of 6.10.3?

The following screenshots show in fig 1 wysiwyg in 6.10.3 (have also a look how teaserbreak shows up) compared to fig 2 in 6.10.5

Thanks and Regards, Will

3 Dec 31, 2018 15:05

@saunders Thanks for reporting

  • Teaserbreak needs to be fixed
  • You can rearrange the buttons by editing the tinymce plugin file
  • If you want more of the old stuff you MIGHT be able to use the old plugin with b2evo 6.10.5 but that is not a supported feature.
  • If yo are a power user and like to use tags like [thumbnail:] directly, you should consider not using WYSIWYG but the markup editor and use Markdown syntax for text formatting.

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