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Has anyone thought of porting this theme over to b2evolution. It's a great theme, I'd do it myself if I knew how, and it's seem to have been imported to most other Blogs and even Drupal the CMS. Here's a link to the original. more »

Jul 18, 2005 22:10  
Hi all, I have just completed work on my new skin which validates in all the right places (xhtml, css, rss and atom). I plan to release this skin for use by all of the b2 community. [url=]This is what it… more »

Apr 18, 2005 08:20  
My footer on my home page is off center by like a centimeter. Its weird because its the same code for the footer on every page and they display it correctly. Also my scroller does not show on initial load if your new to the page... however if you visit… more »

Apr 13, 2005 00:35  
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