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1 Dec 12, 2018 19:40    

I have a hosting account with A2 Hosting. Using SOFTACULOUS I installed b2evolution. Looking in the systems section it says 'no .htaccess file found'
How do I correct this please.

2 Dec 12, 2018 20:04

You can download the whole version from and extract the [sample.htaccess] file. Upload it and change the name to [.htaccess]

Alternatively you can download the attached [sample.htaccess] (v6.10.4) that I have renamed [htaccess.txt] and rename it again

Though more labourious I would recommend you download the online version for security reasons, unless you feel happy about checking out the content of the attached file.


3 Dec 12, 2018 20:38

Cheers amoun , worked a treat.
The other one I forgot was - PHP post_max_size128M
post_max_size should be larger than upload_max_filesize how do I fix that p;ease

5 Dec 12, 2018 21:34

128Mb is much higher than my setup which is shown below. I some how remember lowering mine as I have small sever space 3Gb and a 500K broadband :)

It's always better to start a new topic for different queries as it's hard to find solutions to a problem hidden inside a post with a different title.

See also post

If you can't adjust the server you may be able to lower the [php_value upload_max_filesize]via the .htaccess

6 Dec 12, 2018 22:07

Apologies and thanks

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