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Bugs in 2.4.x

I've just been playing with the registration process, so I registered quite a few times using different names and emails. Thanks to Yabba I got through that stuff, so I went in to delete these practice users. Housekeeping yah? And I think I found a tiny… more »

Feb 01, 2009 19:12  
I change something in a table for a plugin, and I got this error : No KEY/INDEX defined for AUTO_INCREMENT column! So I did it again with xdebug, and I saw that b2 was trying to do this : Codein_array( $fieldname_lowered, $fields_with_keys with $… more »

Feb 04, 2009 15:14  
I think we can call this a bug. In _form.class.php, arround line 864, the code asumes that the timefmt length is 8 char, when it really depends on locale_timefmt. If you don't use seconds, then the length is 5. So what we did to solve this is:… more »

Oct 27, 2008 18:56  
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