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Ran into a weird one tonight. This URL: Every time I attempted to check and ban, kept returning an unknown error and would not allow me to ban this span site. I finally was able to ban it by leaving off the .com Has anyone else ran into this… More »

Sep 17, 2006 03:58  
I'm using version 9.2 at How do I fix this? I can't figure it out. It did work before upgrading. Pinging Response: [1] [Got 404 response for] Plus no feeds work now at… More »

Sep 15, 2006 04:09  
Has anybody implemented embedded content from on b2evo 0.9.1? I saw [url=]some instructions here[/url] for the EMBED tag but the YouTube code has an Object,… More »

Sep 15, 2006 12:56  
in the backoffice I have the smilies toolbar, for to insert the smilies in the post, but in the comments form the smilies toolbar there isn't. How to make to appear it? Thank you :) (I have version 1.8) More »

Sep 14, 2006 23:07  
Here's the situation: Shortly after migrating to a new server and disposing of the old one (fully wiped clean of course), my server died on me. :( I, unfortunately, did not run a MySQL backup before formatting & reinstalling. What I have: I WAS… More »

Sep 13, 2006 22:13  

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