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Fighting spam!
Unfortunately it's always a hot topic.
May 07, 2017 21:26
Request a Plugin or Hack
Have an idea for something that might be doable as a hack or plugin?? Ask in here!!! Remember, this is NOT a feature request area, or a place to ask HOW TO do something.
Jul 26, 2018 23:10
Plugin development assistance
Need help with developing a plugin? This is the place to ask. (This is not a place to request plugins. This is a place for plugin developers only!)
Jul 13, 2018 09:39

Plugins & Extensions

Here's a new and improved version of Link-a-word: <?php /** * This file implements the LinkWord plugin for b2evolution * * Automatic Linking of key words * * This hack is based ENTIRELY on Isaac's {@link} groovy * AutoAcro… more »

Aug 04, 2005 08:57  
=> :!: :!: :!: => Go to the latest version of this hack: [url=]Simple Cache Hack v0.3[/url] => You can also read all the following posts in order to get extended information about this… more »

Apr 13, 2007 23:37  
Hi there. I am trying to figure out how (if I can) to add extra fields to show up when I post an entry to my blog. I want to record how far I ran each day, what the weather was like etc with each post. Is there an easy way to do this or do I need to add… more »

Jul 06, 2005 21:19  
So I wanted something that could tell me (and the readers) some stats about the blog. LIke total number of words, total number of posts, total images posted etc. So I thought I could use this to dive into php a little bit, and I'm quite pleased with the… more »

Sep 09, 2005 19:21  
Now that Google has released [url=]Sitemaps[/url] Is B2 going to incorporate this in to their pings and others? I noticed that wordpress already has it so it got me curious as to if and when B2 was gong to… more »

Feb 13, 2012 11:40  
Hi I wrote a little (very little) hack tou add a technorati button in th edit form. It turns white-space separated selection into technorati tags and links directly in the backoffice. May have bug and caveats with something else than IE. Forgive my… more »

Mar 14, 2006 18:20  
2006-03-14 is a nice article about how to imbed a xspf baised flash player on your blog. I thought i had everything set up but the player hangs on "loading playlist" has anyone else… more »

Jun 12, 2006 03:38  
I'm mystified that blogging tools seem to put all the pictures in one directory. I've had my b2evolution blog for a week or so and they're already... let's see... 35 pictures in the media directory. So, I just hacked ./b2/blogs/admin/b2upload.php to put… more »

Apr 21, 2005 22:44  
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