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My online forums are visited by suspicious hosts quite regularly and some nasty visitors were trying to get in by the highlight exploit. I have read about the mod_secure and .htaccess solutions in this forum and just wanted to add a new idea of… More »

Aug 02, 2006 18:00  
Hi, Anybody know how to publish events with a date > now. I would like to publish some events which will only occur let's say 15th of september '06. So the 15th in the calendar should be underligned, and the activy should be displayed on top of the… More »

Jun 27, 2006 19:59  
I upgraded my blogs to the latest version using my control panel on my web host. Everything looked honkey dorey, however the permalinks to previous blog entries now lead to a 404. The links to my blog (eg are gone, and I havent a… More »

Jun 24, 2006 00:58  
Bonjour à tous Je suis un newbies total, et je me pose plusieurs questions... Je souhaite offrire la possibilté à mes visiteurs de créer leur blog automatiquement sans mon intervention, j'ai trouvé un sujet dans le forum, et j'ai modifier les fichier… More »

Jun 24, 2006 16:59  
If I add my feed to GreatNews (a feed reader) it shows an icon in front of my feed (other feeds don't have this icon or show a different icon). Can it be that this is a standard feed icon/logo that is send by the B2evolution feed ? I would like to… More »

Jun 22, 2006 12:18  

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