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There were no strive with integrating the script in my site's script and it was easy to translate the basic skin to the design of my site. Look yourself: Congratulations for this succeeded script and luck… More »

May 21, 2006 17:12  
So if I want to add links to my sidebar, am I required to edit some CSS sheet to do that? Im very new to the relationship between templates and CSS, and B2 for that matter. What would I have to do if I simply wanted to add links either to the top of my… More »

May 22, 2006 16:05  
I wonder if anyone could help me with this. I'm basically trying to create a link for "About", "FAQ" etc. in the Sidebar that will open a HTML document in the section where the bloglist normally shows up. So far I've managed to… More »

May 22, 2006 20:11  
I just installed v0.9.1. Works great so far, seems stable. (you wouldnt believe how many other blog software titles i went threw) Anyway, to my question.... Is there anyway to have the comments exposed for vistors to the site? With the default install,… More »

May 23, 2006 08:34  
The default install of b2 shows example blogs with "Sticky" announcements. That is, the announcement remains at the top of the blog, and other posts appear underneath it. Is this a function of the template being used? I'd like to know how to… More »

May 20, 2006 21:11  
Where is the option to turn off anonymous comments? I'm getting so much comment spam now, I want to limit comments to regisitered users only. (Almost all of the spam lately has had a retun link to These aren't real blogspot blogs,… More »

May 26, 2006 01:00  
Howdy, I've installed b2evolution, and got a skin applied. I've posted a few posts. When I originally did the install and started messing around. I deleted the linkblog. I've added a new one, and made it the default linkblog for my main blog. However, I… More »

May 19, 2006 14:40  

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