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I am thinking about buying a new domain that would perfectly fit what my blog is about. So what is needed to keep every post since install date and all addons etc? I think I know but I need to be 100% sure so I dont screw anything up yanno? Thanks More »

May 17, 2006 01:06  
Am i wrong in assuming that the multi-language feature allows me to have a bilingual blog. For example, my company has an office in London and Milan, i want to write articles in both italian and english. is the <lang> attribute supposed to do… More »

Feb 15, 2008 07:44  
:lol: Hi . I was surfing the net when i found your blogging software?Now what i want to know is that is this software web based? In the sense that can i use it on my company's intranet? We have php ,mysql and apache web server. If yes than where can i… More »

May 15, 2006 11:44  
I've posted nearly 100 articles... but I'm having issues with 1 of them... Here's a sample... Don't Need That Toaster? Freecycle It By: Justin Kaiser Last month we talked about Cleaning Up Your Computer. This month, we discuss what to do with the rest… More »

May 14, 2006 22:14  

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