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So my company has something on blogspot that I've managed to convince them to switch to b2evo. For some odd reason, I thought there would be an easy to export from blogger into b2evo, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Has anyone had success with… more »

Mar 14, 2005 22:01  
I've got an image in my header, currently it includes the name of the blog and the blog name is not displayed (changed "disp" to "get"). It leaves a gap on the right side of my blog. The best fix I can come up with (without… more »

Sep 09, 2004 06:39  
i just did an upgrade... installed b2evo and it's in a folder called b2evo..... my old blog is in a folder named b2. so my old link to the blog tats in all my friend's favourites list is something like.. so currently the… more »

Sep 08, 2004 18:40  
2004-09-08 as you can see on the right the category and the number of posts are not on the same line. i've asked numerous people to look at it and it seems the firefox and ie people see it correctly, but me and the other safari users see… more »

Sep 16, 2004 03:43  
I've attempted to upload several skins to the [URL=]evoSkins Repository[/URL] in the past few months and was a little disapointed when they didn't show up and I didn't hear anything. I assumed Graham was busy and left it at… more »

Sep 06, 2004 00:41  
Hello, I set up my MySQL and installed everything successfully but when I tried to log in I got this error message: Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '/homepages/9/d85398351/htdocs/tscom./blogs/b2evocore/../htsrv/login.php'… more »

Sep 04, 2004 19:06  

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