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hi all. I've had it up for long enough to get my first referer spam so I reckon it ought to get a formal howdydo out there. If my profile doesn't have my site linked my blog is at and hopefully the default skin is hangglide. Oh… More »

Jan 24, 2004 14:46  
Ok, I need to update from blogger and it's between b2 evo and movable type. at the moment, all i've been able to find for converting blogger to b2 is for the old, vanilla b2 version. is there a script that will do this for b2 evo? could i use the older… More »

Mar 14, 2005 22:02  
After editing and copying over the files for b2evo I now get a Interneal Server Error 500 when I try and do the database install. This makes me thing that maybe something is not set to the correct permision? I'm not really sure what I would have done… More »

Jul 06, 2004 17:35  
Howdy all, Here's a unique use of b2evolution, or at least I think it's unique. I have a news website for my local city in which I post links and excerpts of stories concerning our area. I had developed a custom database back-end for it but stopped… More »

Oct 11, 2003 21:20  
I'm new to b2evolution. Install went fine (b2evolution 0.8.6, apache 2.0.47, php 4.3.1, FreeBSD). I have my correct username and password, and can login successfully.. but when I try and go anywhere, (stats, cats, blogs, Options, Templates, users.. ) I… More »

Dec 29, 2004 23:00  

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