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i ve been abroad for a long time.. its nice to be back and see many upgrades available.. thank you for everything.. especially Afwas and all other people contibuting to b2evo and helping other ppl on forum ;) More »

May 01, 2008 06:10  
I just upgraded to 5.0.6, and I've noticed two things on the analyics, referered [sic] tab. I used to use the ban symbol frequently, and now it seems to be missing from the page (I'm viewing on IE8 and can't upgrade this computer). I have to now copy… More »

Dec 12, 2013 15:35  
hi friends, I upgraded b2evo version from 3.3.3 to 5.0.6 and almost felt relief, until noticed that Russian language in COMMENTS not displaying properly. Meanwhile the rest of the russian language content - in the BODY/POSTS - is all OK. What migh… More »

Dec 10, 2013 09:21  
I have just updated from 4.1.5 to 5.0.5 and everything went smoothly until I tried to upload a file It doesn't matter which tab Quick, Standard or Advanced I pick there is no way to upload a file. If I create a new blog posting and attach a file under… More »

Dec 09, 2013 05:46  
Welcome The Gallery Plugin was one of the first b2evolution plugins. It allows you to attach (and remove) galleries from your posts. Inside galleries are your images, which you upload (with titles and descriptions), and order within the Gallery Manager.… More »

Jun 12, 2010 20:57  
Hi, I've spent hours reading and following messages similar to my issue in this forum to no avail. I'm using the most recent version of b2evolution on my website, 5.0.6, and a fairly new version of PHP, 5.3.27. All of a sudden, last Sunday when I woke… More »

Dec 03, 2013 00:40  
My b2evolution Version: 1.9.2 I have setup B2evolution several times now. Each on there own domain and it worked fine. Now I have installed it in directory on a domain and instead of it working, I get the following when trying to post an entry with… More »

Sep 17, 2007 06:44  
First off, i havent been actively using 5.x, i'm still on a 4.x install, but is there an option to "delete comments containing string" ? Or is it in the plans ? Because i just logged in my admin and saw 60 of "xyzjackets.bla bla" spa… More »

Nov 20, 2013 22:18  
Hello All!! I am implementing b2evolution into my preexisting site design, following the manual on this site, but instead of seeing the blog, as I should, I am getting a number of different error messages regarding undefined variables: Notice: Undefined… More »

Nov 17, 2013 16:11  
Please let us know about any bug, broken layout or missing functionality. This thread is for issues related to the new forums only. If you found a bug in b2evolution, please report it here:… More »

Nov 11, 2013 12:41  

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