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hello i have a linkblog at I have a problem that just arose. The front page shows only 2 posts (onwards from the first one i posted this morning). But there are many more articles in the database. Ive been posting for the last few… more »

Mar 11, 2005 08:26  
Is there any way of adding categories other than adding them to a particular blog? If not, should I make an admin blog holding every category I wish to add, and how do I make the blog invisible to everyone but admin? more »

Mar 10, 2005 01:00  
i love my /[url=]blog[/url]/, i think it's hilarious and so do my friends, but according to my stats, i only get about 160 visitors a day. but that traffic is mainly due to my i actually only get about 15… more »

Mar 29, 2005 16:39  
Hi, I have a problem with my installation :-/ Thing is that when I first installed it I forgot to change the Base URL to the URL of my website. So I deleted all the files and started over again. But when I click "Go" for th New Install I get this error:… more »

Mar 08, 2005 19:16  
I cannot seem to get the admin board to switch to English, i know i am in Germany, but to learn how to do things on the board, i would prefer it in English. i have tried to change where i could to English with the pop down menus, but nothing happened.… more »

Mar 07, 2005 21:57  
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