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hello friends, I finally upgraded my blog(s) from version 4.1.7 to version 6.6.5. It took me a long time before taking this decision because I was expecting some compatibility difficulties with the changes that I had made in some files to develop a… more »

Oct 26, 2015 00:17  
I feel that b2 have been replacing things (backoffice menu especially and core functions) too often and constantly. You wouldn't be effected highly if you regularly upgrade and stay up to date but if you have been away like me for a while, when you come… more »

Apr 12, 2015 10:13  
The biggest priority regarding the website is currently adding much needed content to the manual located at Secondary priorities are: - Rebuilding the skins repository - Rebuilding the plugins repository - Getting rid of all… more »

Aug 29, 2015 20:05  
Hi, it would be very nice, if I can click in the settings of a blog like this: - [ ] visible in the public list for everybody - [ ] visible in the public list for group <list of all groups with checkboxes> I mean, the visibility of the blog in… more »

Sep 23, 2014 07:55  
We have created a manual page about version 5.1 : It is not completely up to date, but we will update it as the new features pass the internal testing phase. We're also looking for a few beta testers. If you're interested, let me know :) more »

Jul 02, 2014 01:36  
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