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Hello, how can I change the width of the container header and the container page top? the container header should have the same width as the container item single header. and the container page top should have the same width as the container sidebar.… More »

Nov 15, 2017 06:55  
Okay, someone else already asked this, but nobody answered, so I'm going to have to ask again. I installed b2evolution v6.8.11 on an x10hosting server to test the software before I installed it on my DreamHost server. b2evo identifies it as having MySQL… More »

Oct 26, 2017 21:15  
First of all I would like to say Thank You to the author of this skin, it was very helpful for me. But I faced to some problem using it yesterday. I see my portfolio page only in the admin panel, when I end the session, i see the page with a mistake :… More »

Oct 24, 2017 13:08  
Made a bunch of changes yesterday to areas like the forum and photo gallery etc. Did not notice until this morning that the menu has disappeared from all pages? There is now no way to navigate through the site, I didn't think I had made any changes… More »

Oct 09, 2017 18:27  
For some reason I'm getting this now on my blog. Unsure if this is relevant, but today is the start of daylight savings in Australia. Additional information about this error: MySQL error! Incorrect datetime value: '2017-10-01 02:38:02' for column… More »

Oct 03, 2017 05:55  
Hi guys I have just installed the software and been playing around for awhile but when I try to drag and drop media it comes up with with can't upload file it is too big... with a max file saying 0.01kbs. I can do it the old way easily so why this… More »

Sep 29, 2017 09:01  
Less than 24 hours ago I manually installed the latest stable version and now I am going about removing the pre-installed content. I cannot seem to remove the default admin from the users. It is Johnny Admin. There is not a trash can at the end of his… More »

Sep 21, 2017 07:44  

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