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I am using Joomla and really want to use something else. The problem is I use and need a hitcounter showing the counts of people who click Read More. along with the posted date, etc. b2 does not have that as core or plugin. No interest in Google or some… More »

Oct 09, 2014 08:03  
Hi This forum is really annoying since last update. I can't write any accent as I have this error: Invalid post, please correct these errors: Parser error: Invalid character near I can't copy my system settings or anything like this without removing all… More »

Oct 12, 2014 04:10  
Hello guys, I've been looking for a way to change the comments form position (in posts), in view of moving it before comments list, instead of after... but I could not find which file to modify for this (skin ? inc ?). Can you help me please ? Search… More »

Sep 24, 2014 19:04  
Hi, it would be very nice, if I can click in the settings of a blog like this: - [ ] visible in the public list for everybody - [ ] visible in the public list for group <list of all groups with checkboxes> I mean, the visibility of the blog in… More »

Sep 23, 2014 07:55  
Hi All, First - Excellent software! Easy to post, etc. Now, I just installed the new version b2evolution version 5.1.2 which went smoothly & everything that I'm used to working although I did encounter 2 problems with 1st, post counter when posting… More »

Sep 19, 2014 06:36  
dear sirs, i read and tried manual, but get stucked, is there any guide, how to simplify this url for seo ? hopefully can change that url into more simple one, like:… More »

Apr 26, 2014 23:31  

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