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Hello guys, I've been looking for a way to change the comments form position (in posts), in view of moving it before comments list, instead of after... but I could not find which file to modify for this (skin ? inc ?). Can you help me please ? Search… More »

Sep 24, 2014 19:04  
Hi, it would be very nice, if I can click in the settings of a blog like this: - [ ] visible in the public list for everybody - [ ] visible in the public list for group <list of all groups with checkboxes> I mean, the visibility of the blog in… More »

Sep 23, 2014 07:55  
Hi All, First - Excellent software! Easy to post, etc. Now, I just installed the new version b2evolution version 5.1.2 which went smoothly & everything that I'm used to working although I did encounter 2 problems with 1st, post counter when posting… More »

Sep 19, 2014 06:36  
dear sirs, i read and tried manual, but get stucked, is there any guide, how to simplify this url for seo ? hopefully can change that url into more simple one, like:… More »

Apr 26, 2014 23:31  

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