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Hi, I'm currently working on a School project and the topic is OSSD. I have selected b2evolution as one of three OSSD projects which I will study in detail. I have searched all day for the answer to three questions but I can't find the answer on… More »

Sep 04, 2012 20:58  
I'm not sure what's wrong, I had posted an issue on the 7th Nov. which one of our clients were facing with b2evolution installation. But today when I came back to check assuming that I may have received replies about the solutions, I just cannot find… More »

Nov 11, 2012 00:35  
Hi friends, i try to customize my b2evolution skin and for that i try to use variables from the system. i got problem with 2 variables $Item->tags $Item->categories when i try to use tham and put in my code '.$Item->categories().' what i get is… More »

Jul 28, 2014 18:47  

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