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Please help, I made the blog to redirect from To domain/folder-1/folder-2/blog1.php Then i made first post, which adress when clicked domain/folder-1/folder-2/blog1.php/first-post-1 But, When i clicked the link of post title " first post " the… More »

Apr 11, 2014 07:44  
I am currently using version 2.4.6 and was wanting to upgrade. I have had some issues with the installer script giving error messages with creating some of the new tables or adding fields, but have been able to adjust the script or environment. My… More »

Apr 07, 2014 14:55  
I have just attempted an upgrade to 5.08 after our 3.x site got cracked. But now the theming is totally destroyed, with heaps of 404 errors. We have/had the following: / web_root and blog_all for -- contains all b2evo files from /blogs of… More »

Apr 05, 2014 07:13  
I just updated to 5.08 from 4 something and so far I've found 2 problems. 1) I have an error message on my new post page Notice: Undefined variable: content_css in /usr/home/airynot/public_html/Blogs/plugins/tinymce_plugin/_tinymce.plugin.php on line… More »

Apr 02, 2014 08:29  
I just finished the upgrade to my blog and looked into the System tab. Everything is ok but am puzzled by the only error I cache is not there but it is. General cache folder error: The directory doesn't exist. «FR Insights» page cache… More »

Mar 23, 2014 00:09  
Protected Posts This plugin allows you to password protect your posts, and visitors would have to enter correct password in order to view post content and comments. All passwords are stored in cookies (optional) and visitors don't have to enter them e… More »

Nov 11, 2013 22:26  

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