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I want to make a blogportal where friends can sign up and create a own blog? Is it possible to make the sign up process automated? Is it possible for user to register a subdomain or url, or will it be the registered username? Is there possible to make… More »

Nov 04, 2016 10:16  
Hello when calling an RSS Url of a blog I get a page without content: thats only the case in that blog. The rss of another blog of the same b2e installation works fine… More »

Oct 30, 2016 14:35  
I am trying to understand this better and hope that someone can shed some light on my questions: 1) Why is B2 shipped with the skins_fallback_v5 and skins_fallback_v6 folders? 2) is the skins_fallback_v5 folder eventually going to be dropped from a… More »

Oct 21, 2016 16:00  
I came across this issue several times for widget type plugins. When creating a new plugin that is a widget type which requires custom js or css for each instance becomes a coding nightmare. For example: when installing a slider widget, each instance… More »

Oct 19, 2016 23:52  
Could you please also considering adding hooks for downloads. This will be for when ever a front end user clicks to download a file. Such as: /* * Used by plugin that can request user to be logged in to download file * Or check if user is human * Or… More »

Oct 19, 2016 22:24  

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