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hi, We're developing a web that contains different kinds of features such as forums, blogs, chats.. and for the blog stuff we're using the b2evolution. Our idea is to create a login page so the user can access to all the features with loggin in once.… More »

Apr 30, 2006 15:00  
I have a website that is getting the spam message that is not on my blacklist. To test it out, I removed all entries from the evo_antispam table in 1.6 and it still gave the error. What could be causing this to happen if the table is empty? Thanks. More »

Apr 29, 2006 10:53  
Ok, somebody has to ask. How close to a release date are we? The wheels have to have a better idea than I do. For now, I am sticking to my "this century" timeframe. :P |-| PS- Would a large donation make any difference? If so, I nominate Yabba… More »

Apr 28, 2006 17:13  

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