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Bugs in versions 1.8.x

I'm using 1.8 and when I try to create a new post with any sort of URL in it, it doesn't accept it. I have been browsing the forums and have noticed others having similiar issues, yet no solutions seem to work. I'm not a php guru, but I'm knowledgable… more »

Aug 23, 2006 18:37  
Hi, I have a very strange kind of "bug". While I had some problems, I made a full copy of my files and database on the production server and placed it on a development server. I also have my own locale (a modified version). On the production… more »

Aug 20, 2006 15:14  
Hi everybody, I want to post new things and so I found a new bug in the version 1.8: I want to post this correct URI: but it was not possible, because it break with a error in the URL. But this is correct, so it must be a bug… more »

Aug 18, 2006 19:53  

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