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Hi, I am not sure where to post this. I recently set up a test user for my site in order to get a feel of what the user sees when they activate their account. I am not sure this question will make sense. So here goes... How can I set up user permissions… more »

2017 Feb 22 01:07  
Hello everybody, after a long absence I ungraded my b2evolution 5 to 6 ( My skin is a customized asevo. Everything works so far (as I can tell yet). But there is one thing which makes me b2evolution nearly unusable. To… more »

2017 Jan 17 00:20  
I am having a hell of a time trying to find the information I want. I can't be the only person who has had my error, but the search terms seem to have the space between terms default to an "or." What is the search syntax. If for instance I… more »

2016 Nov 27 15:04  
Those red and orange DOT code on this B2E Forum. What are those 2 colored DOT code means ? I know that disappeared DOT code is "already read by me". p.s. finally the "Save for Community" button's color is now STEEL BLUE ... Yippee… more »

2015 Aug 05 10:53  
i want to find a place to add a new web link and it's icon such as facebook, it's our's social networking platform in my country, thank you for your support, my website is:, and now it just shows two web link (twitter and facebook),… more »

2016 May 02 17:59  
I've previously posted links to my websites when asking for help on something - but I no longer have these sites and want to delete/edit the posts where my sites were mentioned. I know there's no way for me to edit my past posts, but am wondering if an… more »

2016 Apr 12 01:42  
Hi, I just started my website and wanted to change the background image on the home I removed the sunset link; uploaded a new pic and inserted the new .jpg laddress into the background image line. But now....Nothing is showing and my home… more »

2016 Feb 29 00:51  
How do I filter search results so that I only get results relevant to the most recent versions of b2evo. Too often I put in a subject and get pages of results, but they start with things from 2007, I don't know how many versions and updates ago. Is… more »

2015 Oct 08 02:01  
Hi, I have a b2evolution installed (version 4.17) which I cannot upgrade it because it has a lot of customisations. Is there a way to upgrade just the youtube plugin? The existing one has some problems, for example I cannot go to full screen mode even… more »

2015 Sep 12 20:03  
I recently added a new post to my blog with the title 'Town regeneration' - (version 6.6.3 - URL however it does not display on the list of posts, though the category (first post with this category) can be… more »

2015 Sep 05 15:19  
Hi, I would like to operate the b2evolution behind a reverse proxy (web access manager) This reverse proxy creates a portal, with all the authorized application for a user. I uses an external url which is different from the url the application uses. As… more »

2015 Sep 01 17:04  
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