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Howdy all, I put up a couple of new blogs over the weekend. One is for my sister, the other for my parents. Both of them picked up b2evo with next to no lessons from me. While our system may not appear to be as polished as some of the other blog-tools,… more »

Jun 02, 2004 15:15  
Je ne dois pas avoir bien compris comment fonctionne la notion ANTISPAM... Quelqu'un peut il me la pr?ciser... En effet je pensais que cette derni?re permettait d'?viter qu'un post ou qu'un commentaire contienne l'un des mots clefs pr?cis?s dans la… more »

Jun 01, 2004 03:07  
Bonjour, Est il possible de : - Faire en sorte que les commentaires soient "approuv?s" avant qu'ils ne soient publi?s ? Si oui... par quelle manipulation - A d?faut, est il possible d'emp?cher que l'on poste des commentaires (sauf si l'on est identifi?)… more »

Jun 01, 2004 03:02  
I hope someone can help with this CSS formatting issue. I am displaying my blog in a frame and I only want it to scroll vertically. Yet in Windows IE6 I can't for the life of me get rid of the freaking horizontal scroll. Even though there is nothing… more »

Jul 09, 2004 08:09  
Another thing that I started missing from geeklog. This provides a form to email a blog user without ever revealing the reciepients email address. So now it is safe to solicit email on your blog without risking that a spammer will pick up the address.… more »

Mar 23, 2006 04:37  
Please forgive me for my densities. I am a REAL newbie here. I've looked for this doing a search, and haven't seen it, so here goes... I have registered a couple friends, made their level "1" and still when they log in, it says: Since you're a newcomer,… more »

Jul 04, 2005 21:17  
on installation, I filled mysql username/password/database/host and click 'update config file', the page went blank, showing nothing. Adding some printf in /install/index.php shows it hangs in $DB = new DB( $conf_db_user, $conf_db_password,… more »

Jul 08, 2004 09:57  

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