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My host keeps complaining and suspending my site because they claim A routine scan of your account has found the following malicious or infected files present: /htdocs/news/cache/c1/ EIG.LinkSpam-11.UNOFFICIAL FOUND… More »

Sep 29, 2014 07:01  
Ver 5.1.2 Hi I have been looking for help in hiding posts/pages from the list_widgets. I noted the hide categories option : : and thought of putting posts there but of course the… More »

Nov 10, 2014 15:49  
Hi all, We updated our website a few months ago and just recently (or at least it was just brought to my attention within the past few days), the blog is throwing a "This webpage has a redirect loop" error and won't load. I can load up other… More »

Oct 28, 2014 23:47  
I turned off debugging in _advanced.php, uploaded the file and got no access to the site at all. So I turn debugging back on and get this error: Undefined variable: debug_jslog in /home/...../public_html/015/conf/_config.php on line 116 Warning: Cannot… More »

Nov 03, 2014 00:57  

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