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My blog at indexes very high for certain keywords on Google. However, I have not yet received a page rank for my Blog from Google. Is there something with B2evolution which prevents Google from ranking the page? Thanks, More »

Dec 03, 2006 17:02  
Okay...this may seem an odd question... I'm trying to get either MicroSoft Writer Beta or Zoundry to work with my b2evolution setup... Has anyone done this and succeeded? If so, how do I enter the site in the Writer or Zoundry setup? b2evo is installed… More »

Nov 27, 2006 09:30  
You can see my b2evo page here First question is on the left where the categories are displayed how do i edit the way they are displayed as i dont want them to be as big as they are and as far right inside the column as they are… More »

Nov 30, 2006 21:40  
I have a problem How can i manage that the name of a user that post something on my blog including me, will show up by the post. i mean if i post something that my name is by the post and so whit my other user also. sorry for my bad Englisch More »

Nov 26, 2006 13:44  

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