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I have started a PC Game review site called Nub Hub Gaming. We have 4 Editors and I manage the site. We publish new reviews weekly and upload new trailers and media weekly. The skin is based of the custom skin, I didn't have to change much. It was… More »

Jan 29, 2009 18:02  
Forum : Italia-in-India รจ un forum dedicato agli italiani e gli indiani per scambiare le loro idee, informazioni d'affari e tanto ancora ... This Forum is dedicated to italians and indians to exchange their ideas, business informations and more...… More »

Jan 25, 2009 13:30  
I started a new blog about my experience with dieting, and specifically using the bodybugg (once I get it...). The address is I've used wordpress a lot in the past and I have to say that I much prefer b2evolution. More »

Jan 20, 2010 06:09  
My first blog, mostly just something to play around with in my spare time :). [url=][/url] *edit* blog link changed :D More »

Jan 04, 2009 23:22  
If the truth be told, [url=]this blog[/url] is hardly new, with the first ever post being made on 9 Sep 2005 and long since depreciated. However, a little over a week ago I got round to upgrading to 2.4.5 and as a result it's all… More »

Dec 15, 2008 20:06  
Cheerio Everyone, hope all are well. I've started a blog in conjunction with my site ( The purpose of my web site is affiliate e-commerce. I use the blog to quickly post new offers and deals from merchants, while the web site… More »

Nov 30, 2008 04:20  
This is a new project to see how long it would take a 14 year old to start getting page rank. She hit a PR of one in less than a month and a half. doing great! [url=]Dogs Accessories Blog[/url] Defiantly learning that it… More »

Jul 05, 2010 12:19  
Hi All... just want to get your thought on my Celebrity Gossip blog. Please let me know and if anyone wants to blog... :lol: J More »

Feb 10, 2010 03:51  
Finally... long been in my plate of ToDo.. w00t! check: I copied my edited simple_zen skin to simple_zen_multiblog. Delete files I don't need. Edited posts.main.php using the proof-of-concept found in multiblogs.php and voila. Now… More »

Aug 19, 2008 18:28  
2008-08-19 I just installed the latest version of b2e after my host failed to upgrade my old 1.10. I'm writing about current events in the online gaming industry as well as going over some good 3D web apps. I'm really happy with b2e… More »

Aug 19, 2008 17:39  
Hi, I'm quite new to blogging. I thought it would to a good idea to have somewhere for people to share their experiences that show how The World's gone MAD! You know... Those times when you just can't believe how stupid people or organisation can be.… More »

Jul 11, 2008 22:07  
as of may 31st the big picture was up and running - it presents a revolutionary worldview connecting all the dots like never before - have a look b2evolution really is the best blogware!!! More »

Jun 08, 2008 13:00  
As you can guess from my name i was running, i had put back my old domain for the last year, somehow i suddenly had the urge to complete it back, deleted whole stupid php nuke tables all the info and files and started a new… More »

May 26, 2008 05:25  
Just a note to say thanks to the developers the forum heads and the many hands on users that have made and continue to help and improve this blogin' engine. My site is just about pleasant enough to use, well you may have other views, although the… More »

May 21, 2008 09:07  
Hi. I've just upgraded (almost) painlessly from 1.8 to 2.4 and gave my blog a subtle improvement in design. I would love to receive comments 'bout it. Feel free. Thanks. More »

May 12, 2008 01:38  
Spent all day yesterday getting this site up and working. I was using Wordpress. I like the looks and options of b2evolution much better than Wordpress. To me it looks more professional. I'm just using a skin that came with the setup. I haven't done… More »

Apr 28, 2009 01:51  
2009-04-28 For those who don't know, WoW = world of warcraft, an online game. This skin is based on 'custom' skin. I've done a few skins based on 'custom' and I like this the most. That's why I decided to show it here :) I'm not a web… More »

Apr 09, 2008 08:23  
I finally convinced Scott to allow me to work my bollocks off for a few days and upgrade AstonishMe ... we're still working on it so it probably has loads of dead links and stuff, and it may or may not work in any other browser than mine ... but who… More »

Aug 28, 2008 13:58  
For a total novice and lots of trial and error Im pretty darn proud of what I was able to do to the blog to match my store and look fancy shmancy. Im sure many of you arent scrapbookers but feel free to visit and comment and guest blog :)… More »

Dec 17, 2008 08:58  

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