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This issue happens in more places now, not just login: this is the latest when I do anything to a widget, edit, enable, disable... Incorrect crumb received! [widget] Your request was stopped for security reasons. Have you waited more than 120 minutes… more »

Apr 18, 2017 09:28  
I would like to have a collection with just links, in categories, as resources for my individual niche sites. At some point there was a linkblog option with b2evolution but it must have been taken out. I can't find anything now for keeping links… more »

Apr 17, 2017 14:08  
What a great system for a site that needs blogs, manuals and forums! I would definitely need such system on my website !! Actually, the only major inconvenience that I find with b2 is that for a website like mine that already has its own login system… more »

Apr 17, 2017 04:19  
I am very sorry as I am aware this is a support request, but this is a bug as far as I am concerned. Please, Please disable demo content creation by default when creating a new collection. It is really irritating how this action creates demo content… more »

Mar 28, 2017 01:59  
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