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My b2evolution Version: Not Entered Folks, Do you know if there is any Twitter widget ready to be used that share my tweets with blog users through a window on sidebar? That feature is widely used on Wordpress but I've never seen it for B2. Does it… More »

Oct 29, 2010 16:02  
Hi noticed the error [2048] Non-static method Hitlist::dbprune() should not be called statically when I had E_STRICT turned on while debugging some other code. wasn't sure if it was the calls in cron and core that should be using a specific instance in… More »

Sep 23, 2010 23:35  
My b2evolution Version: I moved my site to vps, installed apc, RAM 512 megabytes, but compared to last SHARED hosting, the site became very slow, sometimes spent 3 - 7 seconds to generate the page. My other sites on my cms at the same vps running very… More »

Sep 28, 2010 17:00  

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