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My b2evolution Version: Not Entered I'm upgrading from 1.92 to 3.3.3 and have not work on b2evolution code for a while. When I upgraded I lost so much of my modification to main.php. which file replace the old main.php. I mean which one show the sidebar… More »

Jul 06, 2010 07:35  
My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3 Help! I seem unable to make the RSS feed work from my blog at, when you click on it the RSS logo it reverts to the normal page or comments feed, if you try and subscribe to it, we get 'feed being… More »

Jul 09, 2010 18:08  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered An unexpected error has occured! If this error persits, please report it to the administrator. Go back to home page Additional information about this error: MySQL error! Got error 127 from storage engine(Errno=1030)… More »

Jul 02, 2010 23:30  
My b2evolution Version: 2.x I want to display the last few post titles on another page. Is there a way to get a PHP script to grab the titles of the last 3 post titles and display them without the full story? Kind of like a preview? More »

Jul 01, 2010 00:40  
My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3 I have some users making use of the LiveWriter Wave 4 Beta, and when they post, apostrophes and quotes are being changed to question marks. This didn't used to happen under the previous LiveWriter version. I know I can make… More »

Jun 28, 2010 21:45  
My b2evolution Version: Version 3.3.1 Is it possible to have a linkblog widget, arrange the posts by category, and have them show in two columns? I have the linkblog widget installed here: But would like to… More »

Jul 13, 2010 06:43  

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