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v5.0.6 Dashboard > Midnight Studios > Settings > Blog specific plugin settings When I publish a post it pings twitter, the question is that it seems my $title special characters are converted and it shows wacky on twitter. Codefrom: Just post… More »

Oct 24, 2013 23:58  
I am am new to b2evolution and like what I see. I went through and linked my twitter account, which went flawlessly. However on the main blog page on the side bar it lists twitter but constantly has a moving circle which states loading tweets, but… More »

Oct 24, 2013 19:59  
Now that b2 comes with bootstrap, why dont we change to a responsive design instead of a fixed design with a widescreen switch ? Bootstrap 3.x is out, and many things changed together with classes.. It's a good time to make the transition i think.… More »

Oct 18, 2013 22:59  
I would like to desactivate a blog so it is no longer online, invisible to anyone, but without deleting it. I could only find a delete button on the global dashboard, but then all posts are deleted forever. Is there a way? I run 5.0.6 Thanks More »

Oct 16, 2013 11:07  
Hello everyone! If you are reading this, it means you are using the new forums which are powered by b2evolution v5-alpha. They replace the old forums which were powered by phpBB. The content from the old forums has been imported, along with the user a… More »

Oct 11, 2013 02:37  
I am using the latest version of b2evolution and have a pretty simple - I think - question : Creating a post always defaults to a center alignment of text and images - any way to change this default to left align ? Using the built in editor will make… More »

Oct 13, 2013 18:43  

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