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My b2evolution Version: Not Entered b2evolution ver: 1.10.2 PHP: 5.2.5 mySQL: 5.0.45 Error Message: PHP has encountered an access violation at 02D37BF0 I've made it to the: "How do you want to install b2evolution?" screen of the installation.… More »

Feb 15, 2008 21:02  
In normal regular-people words! I have an OpenID at and another one at and I have no idea why. Or really I have no idea what the point is. I installed the openid plugin on my blog and see where I now have… More »

Jan 19, 2008 21:24  
I use this snippet of code to make an array of a folde with pictures. Lateron I use the array to do some magic random stuff choosing a few of the pics for display. This is the snippet:… More »

Jan 17, 2008 15:16  
to a brand new shiny bright cc license plugin. It'll do v3.0 and still support your v2.5 or v2.0 licenses if you used the plugin from back in the day. It'll have big buttons or symbols OR 'blog badges' if you're into those skinny ones. It'll even have… More »

Jan 16, 2008 00:20  
Dear all, I am using b2evo already for 4 years and I still love this blogging tool and its community around it. One thing I really dislike is that I see from time to time a link to a KKK/"nazi" propaganda site on the frontpage under the… More »

Jan 09, 2008 19:03  
So ... uh ... how do I do stuff with it? I think I have wamp installed. I know that in my start menu under programs I can find a thing called "wampserver" with clickables for "start wampserver" and "uninstall wampserver",… More »

Feb 23, 2010 09:35  
Most users ever online was 69 on Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:25 It struck me by surprise because it wasn't a busy day at all with not many posts. Last record set was 58 a few month ago. That was a busy day. Totally different. *edit* 12:25 is my local timezone,… More »

Nov 15, 2009 16:50  
Could some one please try explain me in very common terms, what's the use of trackbacks. How does it do me any good to activate this and do I have to publish all the (mostly) crap coming my way to make (whatever) use of the trackback? Thank you :)… More »

May 29, 2008 06:52  
Why are there "web hosting", "monetize" in the credits, I don't use them, I don't care. It's really turning into spam, how many >:-< linkbacks does b2evo want! 1. b2evo is mentioned in the meta-generator tag 2. b2evo is… More »

Feb 19, 2008 18:05  
here is the situation.. my friend has a website.. this website is done so that he can accept donations for his sick daughter.. he wants to create a blog as well exclusively for his daughter where she can post pictures, her stories, updates of what is… More »

May 25, 2007 16:55  
Just curious, and to help me decide... What do you think is the best forum choice for a blogsite? Or what is your criteria or factors you (will) consider? Got a list? Why choose those? --- I am choosing between SMF and Vanilla. Vanilla seems to be the… More »

Jun 07, 2008 00:09  
I hope someone knows how to do this. I am creating an FAQ with a show-hide javascript function on a per-question basis. It's working fine now. I have, toggleAllOff(); and toggleAllOn(); Now I want to have a single link for both On and Off.. so, I have… More »

Feb 25, 2008 18:38  
Just a personal view : If you come here expecting help from me to sort out any problems you may have with this open source / free software, which has absolutely no legal obligations on it's usage, and you can't be arsed linking back to the source of the… More »

Apr 05, 2008 07:21  

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