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My b2evolution Version: 1.9.3 When I add a new blog, is there a way to change the order in which it appears? Say I already have 4 blogs all nicely listed in my sidebar,and I add a new blog. It will get listed at the bottom of the list. But I want it to… More »

Aug 08, 2007 06:59  
I would like to use the Bookmarklet2 plugin, which does exactly the same as the Blogger "BlogThis" bookmarklet, this is, it inserts a link to your URL in the body of the post instead of putting the URL in the "link" field (I link the… More »

Aug 08, 2007 00:39  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered My RSS feed used to work but (last looked 2 days ago) but since then I've made some modifications to the code to add hacks and plugins. Now, I get XML Parsing Error: xml declaration not at start of external entity… More »

Aug 08, 2007 20:17  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered is it possible to enhance a bloggers permissions so that they receive the user registration emails like the admin does/would? i did not see any options for this in user management or group management. I have 100… More »

Aug 07, 2007 08:58  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered The images on this page are displaying way too large, even after I resized them. I can't figure out why this is so I'm hoping somebody can help. More »

Aug 06, 2007 00:36  

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