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Everyone please upgrade to 6.7.7 now! It includes security fixes that you need to keep your site free of potential attacks. It includes a lot of bug fixes that have been inquired about several times over the last couple of weeks. Auto upgrade is… More »

Oct 01, 2016 21:59  
Hello, Is there a way to share a "secret url" to a special post? E.g. if I want to share a community post to a non-community visitor of the blog and don't want to make the post generally public nor grant the visitor generally access to… More »

Sep 24, 2016 12:57  
Hi, please excuse my ignorance if this seems like a noob question... I have installed the AddThis plugin - do I need to insert the AddThis JavaScript into the body as suggested by AddThis, or can I simply enter my publisher ID in the settings for the… More »

Sep 24, 2016 11:12  
What the **** I thought, let's give auto update a try. With my new hosting provider creating daily DB and file backups, I might as well. The update stranded with and error: incorrect file permissions on the install folder (must be higher than 644 and… More »

Sep 16, 2016 21:24  
Hi, I want to create a POST with an Image, but that image should have a link to a local file. When I create the post, I create the content, add the image, save, and use the image. This is creating a content like this : <p> </p> <p>test… More »

Sep 11, 2016 22:25  

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