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Hi, I looked through messages here already and didn't find anything that helped. I might have missed something, and if so I apologize for the duplicate post. I just installed b2evolution and I can't seem to get images to upload no matter what I do w/… More »

Sep 02, 2005 22:04  
when i try 2 post a dynamic link it tell me : Cannot post, please correct these errors: Supplied URL is invalid: Invalid URL the link look like this: Code<a href="">  and even this… More »

Sep 02, 2005 05:53  
I have my site up and I use firefox. Everything looks great in firefox, but i recently pulled my site up in IE and noticed it was displaying half the page below another half. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any ideas and help.… More »

Sep 04, 2005 00:01  

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