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I've been working lately to find an audio and video embedding solution that is XHTML-valid, streams, *inexpensive* and compatible with b2evo. I have them. Yay! :D The necessary <object> tags and attributes have been added to the formatting.php… More »

Jan 23, 2006 17:31  
In this thread I followed instructions to only let reg. users post comments. However I feel there is a sec. hole in the Blog because I am still being spammed by a "guest"user. He uses different proxy's… More »

Mar 06, 2005 13:45  
Here's an idea I got from my time fighting comment spam in Movable Type. You can rename the comment script so that spammers can't find it by searching for the stock filename. I think a lot of spammers just type "comment_post.php" into Google and then… More »

Mar 09, 2005 00:40  
I'm trying to set B2 up to ping blogrolling, but not having much luck. I'm not the most experienced programmer. It uses the same ping service/tech specs as weblogs, with a modification to where your pinging, so it should be as simple as cut-n paste.… More »

Mar 03, 2005 04:15  
Is there an easy way to make it so when a user registers, a blog is created automatically that they have full access to? And then can the blog be referenced via username, rather than blog id? ie /index.php?blog=username I'm trying to figure out if… More »

Dec 14, 2005 17:20  
A search for 'archived stats' came up with nothing and saw nothing about this in the hacked stats things. Is there a way to get old stats from the blog? I see only a months worth and I want to see older stats (probably something easy that ill get flamed… More »

Mar 01, 2005 18:32  
Hey guys, I just installed b2evolution and I love it! I couldn't figure out exactly how to move the blog links around... so I erased a few and added them back into the correct order. In that process, I deleted the original linkblog, blog #4, and instead… More »

Mar 01, 2005 03:14  

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