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So, am i screwed? We have a linuxbox at work that i thought i would try and install b2evo on and use that for our central blogging. But unfortunately since the machine is internal it doesn't actually have a URL just a machine name. I was looking through… More »

Aug 19, 2004 07:18  
I'd seen on a few non b2evo blogs the option to "google it" in the comments/permalink/trackback section. Simply you would click this and it would go to google and look up the posts title. I wanted to do this with b2evo and found it was very… More »

Feb 07, 2006 16:08  
I just installed b2evo and i think its great! One problem I am having is that I can't figure out how to remove the referring web sites from the front page of the blog. it takes up too much space and i am happy with such statistics being on a seperate… More »

Aug 18, 2004 00:24  
Hello, I'm a newbie of B2. :D My posts are written in xml, (I've got my own tags, and I use some namespaces - tei:page or docbook:paragraph ...) It is thus vital that all the tags remain exactly as typed. Can someone tell me how to stop all the… More »

Aug 18, 2004 12:33  
I am having problems with teasing... stop sniggering at the back there, please... What happens is that when I hit the !M button in 'edit' the tag is placed at the very end of the text, and that is exactly where it shows up in the blog, realtime. (I… More »

Nov 30, 2005 05:14  
Top 'o the morning - I seem to be having a problem with the rss portion (I think its a problem...) I'm using version on the sidebar I have the rss feeds under "syndicate this blog" when you click on either "posts" or "comments" all you get is… More »

Aug 12, 2004 23:12  

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