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I'm trying to impliment a rating system for each post. I have most of the interface coded. I am just having trouble with how b2evo accesses the database. Code#calculate ratingsfunction do_rating($postnum, $rating){… more »

Nov 21, 2005 01:30  
Hello! I'm new to all of the template things and that with b2, and b2 evolution, and I have no idea how to make it so that each time I blog, each of the sections of the blog are in different divs?? I know it sounds weird, but here's how I make my divs:… more »

Jun 27, 2004 19:47  
Everytime I goto a new page in my b2, it gives me the login page. I went to the FAQ, and found the answer there. I checked my config file, and it was the same web address that I had. Can anyone help? Thanks! Edit: Sorry, I got it working.. I had to… more »

Jun 25, 2004 00:21  
i stumbled across this when i ported my blog template (no skin) to b2evo 0.9 from 0.8. the code for and the location of _archives.php moved and somehow while making updates i managed to make links to 2 different _archives.php i could make one post view… more »

Jun 24, 2004 22:46  
After updating to 9.0.8, I lost the changes I had made (of course). When I reimplemented them, I came up with a more generic way of doing what I had been doing (specifically, adding quotes to the top of the page). So what I did was add a bit of code to… more »

Jun 24, 2004 18:16  
I am using the wordpress gutenburg template. I am new to this css thing and i am wondering how I make an item such as the calendar, etc switch from the right column to the left or vice versa. i have looked through the files and have not figured it out… more »

Jun 20, 2004 09:44  
Anybody know of DOM based script that will work in ie 5+ win/mac and other standards supporting browsers. I need the script to hide/show an element onclick and change the background image of the clicked element. For instance. I click on a <dt> and… more »

Jun 28, 2004 22:22  
I am currently using Tic tac on all my blogs with skin switching disabled and everything has been fine until an hour ago. I logged on to my main blog page to find that for some reason the right sidebar has split itself into two… more »

Jun 21, 2004 17:20  
I had the same installation problem as RonB, and I tried to follow what advice was given to him but I keep getting the same message: MySQL error! Error establishing a database connection! 1. Are you sure you have typed the correct user/password? 2. Are… more »

Jun 18, 2004 15:52  
(i'm using 9.0.8 now, upgraded from 9.0.5, no change... it must be my db) this is the strangest thing, when i post a new linkblog entry it sticks it in the middle of the linkblog list when viewed through any skin. actually it sticks them in at, (seems)… more »

Mar 30, 2006 19:46  

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