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Can I turn off the url check when I write posts? I have a post with many url's in it and i'm getting the error "Cannot update, please correct these errors: * Found invalid URL: URL not allowed" I hate it I hate it I hate it!!! just for completeness… more »

Jul 20, 2005 17:04  
My dear 'friends': How i can disable de "Blog all"?, because i cant delete it, i need disable, because i dont need that in my blog site... somebody tell me how i can doit... español: como puedo deshabilitar el blogg all, no necesito eso en mi… more »

Apr 04, 2006 21:18  
For the last 5 day I receive around 300 spam on my comment every day, >:( even if I block the word poker or casino it keep coming againg and again, I need to do a manual clean up everyday! Is there a way to disable all the comment on my blog? more »

May 17, 2006 14:28  
Hi there, Sorry if this posted! I just want to know how to disable the comments as a default. Currently, you have to turn it off manually each time you make a blog entry. Also is there a way of sending comments via email? Or sending comments that need… more »

Jun 16, 2006 18:53  
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