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[6.6.7:] If I click on the link to in the list of collections in the back end, I get the appropriate page and content displayed. However, if I create a link in the sidebar on the home/main page… more »

Feb 02, 2016 23:15  
I'm in the middle of upgrading 5.something to the latest version, and there seems to be an issue with install.php -- Nothing happens after I select the language, so the install does not progress. I initially tried the auto-update, but it got to the same… more »

Feb 01, 2016 14:03  
I'm new b2evolution's user. my first install got error. thumbnail of all image can't display. my trial b2evolution : you may see there are not thumnail image displayed. How to fix it ? Thank you. Note: this trial installed at my… more »

Jan 26, 2016 10:18  
Hello, I have a domain hosted by b2evolution is one of the 1click install options, and I installed. I think it looks like a great thing. Problem(?) is it is version 5.0.5. I did the whole update process to 6.6.6, and when I loaded the page… more »

Jan 25, 2016 21:51  
v6.6.7 Stable Recently upgraded from v3.3.3 Prior to upgrading, I wrote some posts and saved as a draft. After upgrading, I would like to delete one (still in draft status). In the back-office I navigated to Collections > [Blog Name] > Posts. I… more »

Jan 24, 2016 23:59  
I upgraded to the latest Beta version and now, every time I try to login I get this error: An unexpected error has occurred! If this error persists, please report it to the administrator. Go back to home page Additional information about this error:… more »

Jan 24, 2016 23:48  
2016-01-24 running b2e 6.6.6 had the following info in the Analytics today and mostly everyday: IP adr was registered trying under hit type service: [action=req_login] 301 times from 18.34 to 18.44 also [action=lost password] are frequently… more »

Jan 13, 2016 21:36  
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