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My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3 hi guys, I wanted to link my forum on the Menu Link of my website, but am unsure how to do it. I added the menu link widget but it doesn't allow me anywhere to change the links except for the default ones already there. How… More »

Apr 12, 2010 18:06  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered Hello everybody, as you can see I am new to this. My name is Nils, and I am going yo be a very satisfied b2evolution user ;) My problem is, that I can't paginate the comments, but my users tend to comment a lot, @ one… More »

Jan 25, 2010 08:19  
My b2evolution Version: 3.x I'm trying to import Typepad blog posts (as a movable type format, .txt) into a new install of 3.3.1 b2evo. I'm getting this error: Undefined variable: dispatcher in /inc/tools/mtimport.ctrl.php on line 1634 I've uploaded the… More »

Jan 27, 2010 06:28  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered I have used my index.htm and site code to create a new custom page. Renamed _main_php etc... Everything works EXCEPT the feed in the main (column 2) is WAAAAAY too wide and I cannot see much of it at all. I even made… More »

Jan 22, 2010 03:03  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered Some of my users, including myself can't connect to my website I think this has to do, with a the ip adres but I'm not sure. For me it works to release my ip and change it to another, but this is too… More »

Jan 26, 2010 09:42  

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