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I have read carefully rules and used search funct5ion here and I believe that all postsers start with first post. But I really need reciomendations for web hosting. Well which companies can you recommend for b2evolution designed web sites and pages? On… More »

May 23, 2008 10:14  
My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x Just got a weird error: ============ MySQL error! Duplicate entry '202042' for key 1(Errno=1062) Your query: INSERT INTO evo_sessions( sess_key, sess_lastseen, sess_ipaddress ) VALUES ( 'klOdG8UaLcRWj8fYUfeyzOQ6kG8O0cFw',… More »

Apr 23, 2008 23:06  
My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x I am trying to install the blog system to my site only when I go to actually install it I get and error message... MySQL error! Error establishing a database connection! (Access denied for user 'pretenderhq'@'localhost'… More »

Apr 25, 2008 21:56  

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