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My b2evolution Version: 241 my server offers webstatistics for each (sub)domain it kept on reporting 404 - although myself I didn't see it I changed the htaccess to CodeErrorDocument 404 http://default blog to display it seems to redirect correctly… more »

Apr 08, 2008 16:54  
My b2evolution Version: 2.4.1 All right listen, i know this is a little specific request, but i suppose it's gotta be easy to do but i dont know how.. the thing is, i i have a quote site as : David beckham said : I am the greatest footballer ever and i… more »

Mar 27, 2008 05:46  
I am new to this whole idea and justed started my first blog. I installed the google adsense plugin and everything looks good. When I enter a post using the "expert" posting, I see the button that says adsense. I click on it and it ads… more »

Mar 24, 2008 17:15  
My b2evolution Version: 241 setting the blog url parameters should be shown in blog settings:general ? is this changed is 241 nevada? I have looked for it in every tab - can't find it ! in blog settings:urls, I have users persmissions more »

Mar 23, 2008 17:46  

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