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Hello guys, Sorry if I missed them, but I can't find a collection of good B2Evo logo's on the Internet. So I made one myself, and here it is: In case you need it, here's the Photoshop 7 .psd file I used:… More »

Mar 14, 2009 07:40  
My b2evolution Version: 2.4.1 Hello, I have uploaded b2ev 2.4.1 to a local domain in a local network, not internet, and my url is something like this: http://server Notice that it doesn't use a domain extension (.com .net) But b2evo is not accepting… More »

Apr 04, 2008 18:21  
Hi I have noticed two or three times that once I post a message the top of the message is posted with My b2evolution Version: Not entered or something like that. It's not there to begin with so it seems a bit daft to add it to the post after it is… More »

Apr 03, 2008 15:06  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered I've just made a fresh install of the latest version of b2evo, and when I try to acces admin.php (?ctrl=whatever) , it makes me a infinite loop, and never loads the page (Firefox prevent the page for bla bla bla).… More »

Oct 12, 2010 06:04  
My b2evolution Version: 2.4.1 I have tried EVERYTHING to get the post by email working and cannot! The return message I get on test is: Connecting to pop server... Logging into pop server... No mail or Login Failed: POP3 pass: authentication failed… More »

Apr 03, 2008 19:11  

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