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Since updating to 1.6, 1.8 and 1.81 I find that the stats page is as slow as a wet week to load and wonder if there are any tweaks to speed it up a bit. Example: can the PHP/SWF Charts be disabled? They look groovy but do they add to the overhead? Any… more »

Aug 24, 2006 09:13  
after installation I get the error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 6291456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 58368 bytes) in /DISK2/WWW/ on line 86. What i done wrong? more »

Aug 23, 2006 21:37  
I'm trying to set the default blog, but I keep getting the generic page. It act like it's not accepting the changes. I follow the "Edit Config" link to general settings, then I select the all blog and hit submit.… more »

Aug 21, 2006 15:46  
How do I change the order of categories listed in the posts (i.e. NOT in the sidebar)? They list main first, then by ID, right? I would like to make it that sub-categories of the main category are listed before other sub-categories. In other words, I… more »

Apr 26, 2007 01:48  
Hi, I have some weird behavior: the comments I place when logged in on my own blog are inserted as draft and so need to be moderated. I have following plugins and settings: App Settings, Antispam: Publishing threshold: -25 Deletion threshold: 100 Block… more »

Aug 23, 2006 08:45  
Hi, I have a very strange kind of "bug". While I had some problems, I made a full copy of my files and database on the production server and placed it on a development server. I also have my own locale (a modified version). On the production… more »

Aug 20, 2006 15:14  

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