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I have a quick question about the archives, and hopefully someone has a an answer. On my website I have 2 blogs created. say blog 1 and blog 6(don't ask it got messed up somewhere). Anyways, I can get the archives to show up in the first blog, but not… More »

Jun 15, 2006 18:06  
I'm sorry, I know this is hopelessly remedial but I've searched both here and on the w.bloggar site and haven't come up with anything. ## image removed by whoo, we dont need it :) ## My domain is I've tried both ""… More »

Nov 11, 2006 17:19  
Suddenly, when I try to post a comment, either from the regular comments section or from within admin, I get the following error when I click "Send": Cannot post comment, please correct these errors: * Supplied comment is invalid [Back to… More »

Jun 11, 2006 16:58  
The problem so far: Since I have long since removed all links and evidence that my stats page exists to the outside world (as well as making the page itself blank), I now know that anybody showing up in the logs as accessing the "disp=stats"… More »

Jun 08, 2006 20:49  
hello, I updated this and update: Upgrade from a previous version of b2evolution: Upgrade your b2evolution database tables in order to make them compatible with the current… More »

Jun 08, 2006 13:09  

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