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Is it possible to create a private blog which is not accessable at all from the outside? Just like the good old diarys small girls try to hide from everybody. I just managed it to hide every post by marking every blog post as "private" but… More »

Jun 05, 2006 01:46  
Hi, here's my blog, If i copy and paste the address in the browser, i can access to it, but when i search for it in google or other search engines and then click on the result, i'm redirected to If… More »

Jun 03, 2006 01:18  
I have a long post that I add more pages to. It's at 11 right now. After I added the last page, I followed my usual routine. Saved it as Published, changed the timestamp to the current date and that would usually update the blog. This time, the post… More »

Jun 02, 2006 14:05  
In fact, if i wanna upgrade ("Sparkle") to my blog, i install first upgrade version and then about my all database? What must remember too?.. Must write something changes? This is my first time, so thank you! :D Edit 6.5. 06 I´m waiting...This… More »

Jun 11, 2006 09:11  
Registration Currently Disabled User registration is currently not allowed. How do I fix this? I've looked in several places in the forum and have conducted multiple searches. I'm sure it's something really simple that I must be overlooking. Your help… More »

Jun 01, 2006 14:32  

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