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URL: www.coolmanchester .com/index.php/CM/ Version: 5.0.5 As the URL states, the images do not seem to be working. Everything looks ok, and the only change I have made recently is upgrading b2evo to the latest. Anyone have any idea? I am getting th… more »

Sep 12, 2013 20:46  
We chose this b2evolution blog and created a cooking one over there --, but when we're trying to post some recipes with pictures(images) the posts don't show up(no post at all). Is it a bug? What to do? more »

Sep 04, 2013 19:00  
In all likelihood I was hacked because I haven't upgraded from an early 4x and 3.3.2 (former on one site, latter on two other sites) all residing on the one host. (Yes well I didn't like 4x version so I wanted to stay with the earlier ones... sigh...)… more »

Sep 03, 2013 06:43  
Hi all, my version is 3.3.1 and I apologize for my "Bavarian" Englisch... Is it possible to hide the comment form after an article and to display it only after clicking the link "leave a comment"? My website is an internet newspape… more »

Aug 29, 2013 16:23  
Helo, in the version 5.0. is a new solution implemented for multiple picture publication. In my opinion, the new solution is a good idea, but you should use the information from the pictures as "name" if given, instead of document name as… more »

Aug 22, 2013 20:48  
Version 4.1.4 Hi I'm a bit fussy and checked using Total validator 7.5.1 add on for Firefox and found three errors. if you would like to sort them out you can see my mini-hacks at http://r… more »

Aug 23, 2013 14:47  
I went through my 4.1.4 site, which was fully operational. I copied the files from b2evolution-4.1.4-to-4.1.5b and everything was fine. The admin showed that I was running 4.1.5. I copied the files from b2evolution-4.1.5-to-4.1.6 and everything was… more »

Aug 25, 2013 16:21  
I am considering b2evolution for a blog (or collection) to serve a committee that will be managing a project where the committee members need to be kept up to date, post statuses for each other, etc., so that they all know what?s going on. It's… more »

Aug 22, 2013 02:31  

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