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Bugs in 6.x

Sorry to molest again but I tried an update today of an B2Evo to the neweset and I get an error as follows - Converting comments table... OK. - Converting post prerendered contents table... OK. - Converting comment prerendered contents table... OK. -… More »

Dec 05, 2015 14:00  
v6.5.0_stable changed my admin email and got bug. I have already activate my account ... after that I refresh ... few lines of Notice: Undefined variable: are gone for now [edited]/bug/0001.jpg another one Captcha I already tried normalizing db charsets… More »

Jun 27, 2015 21:02  
When I go to save or post (this is actually on it's own page), I get the following type message: We did not automatically redirect you to [] because it's on a different domain. When I go to post or edit a post… More »

Jul 11, 2015 10:37  

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