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Aloha all, I'm new to the B2evolution "community" and the simple questio I have is: I'm currently running SQL Server, i.e. not MySQL, so the question is if I can still use the SQL Server or if I do need to install MySQL server as well? I do appreciate… More »

Sep 17, 2005 01:27  
version 'amsterdam' hi, i dont know if this is a known bug, but i am no longer seeing any post after i edit a comment from the comment edit console. sorry, i dont know all the correct terms yet as im a total newbie, but here goes. im logged in, someone… More »

Sep 14, 2005 17:20  
I have read through the various solutions to the problems with wrap around text for your images, etc... I have been able to successfully get the wrap to work with the simple align="left" in the <img src code> What I am unable to do is create a… More »

Sep 13, 2005 03:19  
This is what's showing up in my referrer on the stats page MySQL error! Can't open file: 'evo_hitlog.MYI'. (errno: 145)(Errno=1016) Your query: SELECT visitID, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(visitTime) AS visitTime, referingURL, baseDomain, hit_blog_ID, visitURL FROM… More »

Sep 14, 2005 09:56  
I've searched to see if anyone has asked this but eveything I see seems to refer to single posts. I've just switched to posts paged mode and at the end of all posts ::Next Page >>>> is displayed - I'd like to either change the wording on… More »

Sep 12, 2005 22:52  
Hiya, I was trying to see what smilies / emotions my b2evolution would let me have so I listed them in a message but put it as a draft. Well now everytime I try to load my edit page to delete them it says "The instruction at "0x7d6b751f" referenced… More »

Sep 14, 2005 14:51  

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