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Greetings! I am a newbie at this so any input you can give will be appreciated. I have b2evo installed and I was able to remove all of the stub files so that I only have one blog. I was able to learn how to post pictures. I figured out how to remove… More »

Mar 26, 2005 01:55  
if you have some free time . . . Please post here if you notice anything wrong or odd about the layout, i'm still finding all the little quirks that need fixing. Thanks! More »

Feb 12, 2004 06:41  
hi all. I've had it up for long enough to get my first referer spam so I reckon it ought to get a formal howdydo out there. If my profile doesn't have my site linked my blog is at and hopefully the default skin is hangglide. Oh… More »

Jan 24, 2004 14:46  
Ok, I need to update from blogger and it's between b2 evo and movable type. at the moment, all i've been able to find for converting blogger to b2 is for the old, vanilla b2 version. is there a script that will do this for b2 evo? could i use the older… More »

Mar 14, 2005 22:02  

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